A Southern Rhône Adaptation of Beef Bourguignon

While classic Beef Bourguignon is made with red Burgundy, our version is quite a bit bolder and more intense. A friend of ours who dines somewhat frequently at our home calls this dish his “last meal wish on death row.” Dramatic imagery aside, it really is that good and it’s perfect for a cool autumn evening.

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Cape Cod Cottage Pie (aka, Sweet Potato Invades A British Classic)

When we arrived home this afternoon we were greeted with an unusual flurry of sight and sound. There had to be over 100 blackbirds crammed on the birdfeeders, the fountain, and the lawn. We’ve never seen so many at once. Apparently, ours has become a favorite hot spot on the migration trail.

The wisp of coolness in the air combined with the startling display of autumn migration inspired us to make a riff on a cottage pie. You see, every spring when we visit Kevin’s parents my mother-in-law cooks us the British classic — either a shepherd’s pie (lamb) or a cottage pie (beef). I always look forward to the bubbling hot goodness on the plate, served along with crunchy pickled red cabbage and the ubiquitous side of peas which always reminds us we’re in England.
Sweet Potato Invades a British Classic

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